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Support In Establishing Micro Leasing (Shared Farming) For Livestock In Field

The Goat Trust have piloted and standardized micro leasing process for small livestock like goats and ducks through working with communities in and around its Training & research center. Based on experience a prototype design with process details and monitoring tools (including software) is ready for supporting willing partners, who wants to replicate this on scale as sustainable pro poor business. This may be done either as a social enterprise where financial gain and social benefits to clients can be ensured or as a part of project where asset building of poor is targeted but organization does not want to work on subsidy oriented asset building. Micro leasing had been proven as more pro poor and sustainable business than micro credit for working on small livestock

    Major supports extended by The Goat Trust are as follows –
  • Training of organization staff and or entrepreneurs on micro leasing concept and operational process
  • Sharing of process manuals with training modules and training tools
  • Data collection, monitoring system and analytics to make decisions
  • Software to manage micro leasing operation
  • Quarterly on site visit for hand holding support and problem solving
  • Audio visuals for program promotion
  • Design and concept of community Livestock business center management to augment business and link marketing of goats and goat products
  • Support cost
  • For Initial 20 partners, The Goat Trust proposes a subsidized cost of Rs 1.0 lakh for complete package support. Support cost will be twice for new partners beyond that to sustain investment.
  • Cost for field assessment and training of implementation team (On site) – Rs 30000
  • Cost of Software and technical training on livestock management – Rs 35000
  • Cost of quarterly visit and training materials – Rs 35000
  • Payment to be made in three installment – 30% advance, 40% after operation starts and 30% after 6 months of field operation