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Support In Establishing Commercial Goat Farm And Supply Of Goats

The Goat Trust is working on concept of Social Enterprise with a mission to help poor goat farmers to acquire productive assets, earn significant income and live life with dignity & confidence.

We earnestly require support of philanthropist, angel investors and humane efforts by concerned persons like you to mobilise investment to help poor goat farming women to get a goats, kid or ducks and access door step risk protection and market services.

You can help us by investing in any of the following way
S.N Name of Program Support package Refundable Investment amount Return to Target Family Return to Angel Investor like You
01 Gift a Goat (Poor Family Nutrition and income support Program) We solicit applications from very poor widow /single/vulnerable semi urban and rural families , who intend to acquire 2 goats to get milk and kids for cash INR 10000 Rs 12000 in 18 Months and 50 liters of milk for children & Household consumption . Only pregnant or lactating goats will be extended by Bakari bank Your Investment is safe and will earn a 5% increment by the end of a year. For 10000 Rs you will get Rs 10500 in 12th Month. You can choose family out of applications received, Regular quarterly updates on goat status and production
02 Kids for Kid (Girl Child education & income support) 5 kids , medicine, training & insurance to a family for nursery raising and sale in six months INR 10000 Rs 12000 in six months , 50% to saved in name of girl/ child as a condition Investment gets an increment of 5% i.e Rs 10550 gets returned. Status of child and family income quarterly
03 Bakari Bank To provide 3 quality goats/kids on lease to a poor farmers with training & marketing services INR 10000 INR 10000 Rs 10000 annual income Investment returned after 18 Months with 10% increment
04 Train & Nurture a village women as Livestock Nurse To select and train a semi literate village women as livestock Nurse through residential training & field support INR 20000 2 residential Training and six month support with Rs 500 monthly stipend for learning Profile, work & income of sponsored women at quarterly basis Investment gets returned after 6 months of investment in monthly installment with 22 months EMI of Rs 1000 or lumpsum return by 36 months of Rs 22000.

If you wish to make us medium to support a helpless poor family to be able to stand on her feet and earn income with confidence and dignity, you can fill our donation form and send us amount through cheque or transfer amount in account as per details below –

Account holder – The Goat Trust
Type of account – Current
Name of Bank – Vijaya Bank, Daliganj, Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
Account Number – 711800301000110
IFSC Code – VIJB0007118