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The Goat Trust, by design, has always worked together with other like-minded organisations in a particular geography. We are involved in networking with these organisations right from the problem analysis stage till implementation stage. So far we have extended technical support to over 48 organisations and large development programs reaching out to 1.25 lakh goat farmers across 14 Indian states. The overall process we follow as a part of our technical expertise is as follows:

Baseline Survey

A sample of 20 % of the target household taken for project intervention

Feasibility Study

Field study to assess existing status of livelihoods(crop and animal based), facilitators and constraints.

Analysis based on social, economic, environmental and resources use effeciency


2 day workshop for common understanding with stakeholders to discuss field assessments and concept of trengthening small livestock based livelihoods

Process Manual of major activities in area devised and resources identified

Training and Capacity Building

Youth selected from community as Community Livestock managers(CLMs) and trained in 2 phases with a field work of 40 days

Potential CLMs carry out PRA in field and form Goat rearers groups(GRG)

One Pashu Sakhi selected by each GRG

5 day residential training of Pashu Sakhies


Bakari Paalak Pathshaala initiation with community.

Audio visual show to promote improved practices.

Fortnightly Pashu Sakhi meeting for capacity building and work based payment.

Grading of Pashu Sakhi/GRG/Goat farmers.

Tracking mortality of goats.

Launching of Community based Insurance for goats.

Development of Community managed Livestock Business center.

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