Our Presence

The Goat Trust, since its inception in 2008, has worked with over 100 partners across 18 Indian states and with large Government programs like National Rural Livelihoods Missions (MoU with Eight State Rural Livelihoods Mission – SRLMs). It has tested a systematic and scientific model of sustainable goat-based livelihoods generation. Its mode of working has been tested in various socio-cultural contexts and this led to multiple innovations in approaches and generation of significant knowledge in the last 15 years of its journey with a single focus on transformative action through keeping the community in its centrality.
The Goat Trust started out in the North due to its location proximity to the head office and the sheer possibilities of goat-based livelihood promotion along the northern plains. They are now present in almost central Indian states of UP, Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand, existing as technical partners for organizations such as Bihar Kosi Development Agency, NABARD, in the area of goat-based livelihoods promotion. The Goat Trust is promoting FPO development, Goat Breeding and marketing Centers, Goat value chain development, breeding management and productivity enhancement, Commercial Goat Farming, climate-resilient goat farming demonstration, and technological handholding of women goat farmers for better program outreach in the region. They have been able to develop 15 FPOs so far.
The north-east of India has been a storehouse of possibilities with a major percentage of small and marginal farmers adopting goat-based livelihoods for a long time. The issues in this region pertain to its distance from mainland India, lack of proper information on goat breeding, feeding, and housing practices. To cater to these issues, The Goat Trust decided to set up a regional office in the North East with a dedicated locally sourced team. They are currently working on livestock business center development, women entrepreneurship development in the goat-based value chain, and FPO development in the region.