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Community Livestock Manager

Community Livestock Manager is a rural youth (man/women) essentially involved in livestock farming and aspires to grow this business, trained through a rigorous course to support Pashu  Sakhies and provide linkages for input and output services. They are supposed to be livestock business entrepreneurs and service providers and may manage the Livestock business centers on a cost-recovery basis in due course of time.  

Functions of Community Livestock Manager 
  • Develop the capacity of Pashu Sakhies (livestock Nurses) to deliver livestock services efficiently and provide backup support for input and output linkages.  
  • Counsel and guide livestock farmers to optimize the production of livestock.  
  • Facilitate Shepherd's School to make farmers aware of improved management practices like balanced feeding, proper breeding, low-cost effective housing, and sanitation.  
  • Help farmers plan appropriate crop and livestock species to maximize resource use and enhance farm economics.  
  • Demonstrate pro-poor low-cost technologies in the field in association with Pashu Sakhi.  Motivate and enhance access to preventative practices and provide doorstep on-time first aid services at affordable cost.  
  • Initiate input and output linkages business for livestock farming on a cost-recovery basis.  Help farmers Keep basic production records and assess the business.  
  • Start and manage your own livestock farms.  
Potential Employers 
  • Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) have a significant livestock loan portfolio.  Government-led livelihood development projects (National Rural Livelihood mission,  State Rural Livelihood Projects, Animal Husbandry department projects).  Non-government organizations working on livestock-based livelihoods.  
  • Commercial livestock farms.  
  • Village Panchayats as Livestock-based Livelihood support providers.  
Entrepreneurial initiatives  
  • Small scale goat/sheep/backyard poultry farms.  
  • Livestock breed traders & suppliers.  
  • Freelance livestock primary health service providers.  
  • Freelance trainers for Government and Non-government livestock projects.  Livestock input (feed/medicine/fodder seed) suppliers.