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Live Body Weight

The Goat Trust's present effort is not only on the marketing goats but more important on developing a standardized transparent system of goat pricing that is reasonable and acceptable to farmers and traders both. There has been working internationally but has no concrete evidence of community-based pricing standardization in India.  
Such standardization and information collectivization has the following inherent advantages for the parties involved -  

A. For goat farmers -
  • Easy and quick assessment making less prone to treachery
  • Reasonable price and no fear of loss
  • Women are friendly and can reduce gender business in goat sale
  • Can easily estimate feeding cost and output received (By comparing pre and post price at  regular intervals)
  • High-quality goats can get a better price
  • Advantages of seasonal meat price fluctuation can be passed on  
B. For Traders -
  • Reduction in bargaining time
  • Easy access to collective information of marketable goats and hence higher business  operation cycle
  • No need for physical presence to share the price of goats
  • Quality segregation will be possible
  • Availability of high-quality goats and bucks will be high
  • In long term a more dependable relation for trading
At The Goat Trust, we have set the following immediate task and have moved on it significantly -  
To develop goat pricing standard and pilot community-led live body weight-based pricing  system for goats  
To facilitate an easy-to-use saleable goat information collection and dissemination system at the local and regional levels.