Staff Details


Name : Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Qualification : B.Sc (Agriculture) , BHU, Varanasi (Dairying) in Livestock production & Management, NDRI, Karnal
Experience : 20 yrs
Designation : Founder & Adviser
Wing : Research & Study
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : 8601873055

Career History: - Academically Trained in Livestock and agriculture management and have conducted over 65 field level sub sector and value chain studies, Technical feasibility assessment for livestock based livelihoods. Started career in 1997 through campus selection and joining PRADAN. Joined Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) as a faculty member in 2004. In Feb 2007 resigned job to work on the idea of The Goat Trust, which was formally registered in 2008. Major working themes had been Livestock based livelihoods, Social Entrepreneurship, strategic management, organization development.

My responsibilities: - Sanjeev works on Research & field Study, new Innovations up scaling and strategic support.

I like about organization: - Innovation at grass roots and support of colleagues.

I and the Goat Trust: - As a founding member and Trustee, I had been with organization since inception. I continued as Managing Trustee and presently in shifting phase to undertake processing & marketing wing.

Name : Mr. Bhishm Singh
Qualification : (Rajasthan University)
Experience : 35 yrs
Designation : Executive Director
Wing : Partner Support
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : 8601873052,09887968848

Expertise: - Mr Bhishma Singh was one of key member of team working on productivity assessment of Sirohi breed and field based breed upgradation program in Ajmer. He has over 35 years of experience in sector and had been a goat farm entrepreneur himself for significant period of time. His key interest is training of rural women as livestock business service provider and sustain through goat related business. His core area of expertise is Breeding & management of goats.

My responsibilities: - Support Field teams across 18 operational states. Mentor colleagues and strategic support to organizational decision making process.

I like about organization: - Transparency, freedom and innovation focus of the organization.

My personal mission: - Promote over 10,000 Pashu Sakhies (Livestock Nurses) in field and sustain them financially to reach over 5 Lakh goat farmers with low cost door step first aid and basic knowledge services on regular basis.

I and the Goat Trust: - Involved since beginning of The Goat Trust.

Name : Mr. Ujjval Kumar Sarcar
Qualification : M.Sc. Ag. (Entomology), Masters Diploma in Management
Experience : 15 yrs
Expertise : Livelihood, livestock, Agriculture
Designation : Director
Wing : Training & Support Wing
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : - 8601873060

My responsibilities: - To manage organization operations spread over 18 states and support team and colleagues.

My personal mission: - To build The Goat Trust as a training and knowledge building institution and train over 10000 rural youths to get local employment and earn on sustainable basic.

I and the Goat Trust: - Involved since beginning with The Goat Trust and have taken lead to manage systems and process evolving with organization growth.

Name : Mr. Manik Kumar Chowdhury
Qualification : B.Tech
Experience : 31 yrs
Expertise : Farm & Nonfarm Livelihood
Designation : Program Director
Wing : Training and field operation
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : - 9451685108

My responsibilities: - To manage field operation of Partner NGOs

I like about organization: -
1 : The Goat Trust not only teaches social entrepreneurship but also works as social enterprise.
2 : It encourages innovative ideas and concepts.
3 : Flexible and transparent organization.
4 : To work for increasing productivity of Gaddi Breed.
5 : To expand Goat Based Livelihoods isupport projects High Himalayan.

I and the Goat Trust: - Involved with The Goat Trust since July 2016 as program director ( Operation ) looking after Goat Based livelihoods support Project.

Name : - Dr. Ashish Kumar
Qualification : B.V.Sc & A.H.(NTR CVSC Veterinary)
Experience : 3 yrs
Expertise : Veterinary Science , Artificial Insemination in Goat & Goat Breed Improvement.
Designation : Senior Technical Manager
Wing : Research Technology & Innovation
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : - 8601879250

Expertise: - Livestock management & Technical manager

My responsibilities: -
1 : Artifical Insemination Technology incubation and pro poor tech development for breed upgradation.
2 : Esterous synchronization,pregnancy diagnosis/confirmation technology standardization.
3 : Worm load Testing and worm based dewormer adoption and health card management.
4 : Training session on breed, breeding, ES,A.I,Endoparasite Management.
5 : Developing training tools for A.I. and worm load/worm identification training.

I like about organization: - Work culture of this organization in quite unique as per my vision I want to introduce low cost technique which will improve Livestock production that further help to improve livelihood of poor people.

Name : -Dr. Jitendra Kumar Yadav
Qualification : B.V.Sc & A.H.(NTR CVSC Veterinary)
Experience : 2 yrs
Expertise : Veterinary
Designation : Manager (Technical)
Wing : Research Technology & Innovation
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : - 8601873590

Expertise: - Technical manager

My responsibilities: -
1 :To Manage Mother duck/hen farm with breed purity and selective breeding for standard egg productivity.
2 : Support to Field Project.
3 :To supervise Hatchery and ensure above 80% hatchability for hen and above 60% hatchability for ducks.
4 : To plan and consolidate monthly order of duckning/chicks and ensure production/linkages to meet it.
5 : Training session on poultry/duck Farming
6 : farm practicals on duck /hen farming-Developing modules, tools and process.
7 : Regular worm testing.

I like about organization: - I like culture of organization.

My personal mission: - I want to make organization a big supplier of desi poultry.

Name : - Mr Vinay Gautam
Qualification : M.B.A. in marketing
Experience : 3 yrs.
Expertise : Livestock trade & marketing
Designation : Manager (Marketing)
Wing : Marketing (Livestock Products)-Pashubajaar
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : - 7570018555

My responsibilities: - To facilitate the technological based trading activity with the help of Grading based classification and live body weight estimation of goats/buck throughout the project location.

My personal mission: - To organize the unorganized market of livestock which will lead to the sustainability of rural ground.

I like about organization: - It provide opportunity to the youth to become a social Entrepreneur.

I and the Goat Trust: - As a social change fellow I have been Associated since last 2 years and currently dealing with core marketing activity as manager of marketing wing.

Name : -Mr. Saurabh Gupta
Qualification : B.Sc. (Math), M.A.Kanpur University
Experience : 8 yrs
Expertise : Training
Designation : Manager (Training)
Wing : Training
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : - 8601873054

Expertise: - Training

My responsibilities: -
1 : Campus & off Campus Training Management
2 : Regional Training Center Coordination.

I like about organization: - I like this organization for working with freedom of innovations and methodology, it helps to colleagues In grooming & sustaining as a professional.

My mission: - I want to grow as a professional in a small livestock sector and in future to develop a social enterprise Which helps to people to sustain in this sector.

Name : -Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Ray
Qualification : Graduate
Experience : 4 yrs
Expertise : Training
Designation : Asst. State Coordinator
Wing : Field Operations
E-Mail Id :
Mobile Number : - 9889654945

My responsibilities: -
1 : community training
2 : Managing Community Livestock Business Center
3 : Building Business for Poor.

I like about organization: - I like organization because the goat trust is doing for the poor livelihood i.e benifical for him.

My mission: - Provide technical training for goat rearing community.


Other Staff Details

Sr.No. Name Designation Experience Wing E-Mail Id Mobile Number
01 Mr. Shiv Shankar Chowdhury Manager (Logistics & Promotion) 20 Year Admin 8601873053
02 Mr. Sanjay Roy Manager (Logistics & Promotion) 13 Year Field Operations 8757966435
03 Mr. Shivaji Manik Raut Manager (Field Operation) 19 Year Field Operations 9689244693
04 Mr. Barun Kumar Manager (Technical) 8 Year Technical 8601879248
05 Mr. Ratnesh Singh Manager (Marketing) 4 Year Marketing 8601016888
06 Mr. Rajib Das Manager (HR & Admin) 17 Year HR 8601873057
07 Mrs. Satyasha Rajput Manager ( PR & Communications ) 6 Year HR 8601875151
08 Ms. Zeba Khan Manager (Academics) 7 Year Academic 8601025999
09 Mr. Salman Haleem Senior Manager ( Accounts & Finance) 10 Year Finance  8601873056
10 Mr. Vikas Singh Manager (Accounts & Finance) 7 Year Finance 8601879247
11 Mr. Devesh Kumar Manager (Technical) 6 Year Technical 6204910692
12 Mr. Sanju Patari Manager (Field Operation) 8 Year Field Operations 9862753863
13 Ms. Shikha Pandey Manager (MIS) 5 Year Training 8601028999
14 Mr. Avinash Yadav Manager (Marketing Services) 5 Year Marketing 8601875959
15 Mr. Sultan Ahmad Ansari Manager (Marketing services) 5 Year Marketing 8601487999
16 Mr. Prashant Kumar Team leader (Field Projects) 4 Year Field Operations 8601873518
17 Mr. Suraj Kumar Assistant Manager (Procurement) 6 Year Admin 8601873079
18 Mr. Mangesh Dhote Asst. Manager (Field Operation) 2 Year Field Operations 7350165064
19 Mr. Farrukh Rayliwale Asst. Manager (Field Project) 3 Year Field Operations 9325762386
20 Mr. Sabyasachi Chowdhury Manager (Field Operation) 7 Year Field Operations 8729832968
21 Mrs. Lily Sangma Manager (Field Operation) 2 Year Field Operations 986296486
22 Mr. Suraj Shankarrao Albankar Asst. Manager ( CGF ) 3 Year Field Operations 9021290667
23 Mr. Divyanshu Hitaishy Asst. Manager ( Pashubajaar ) 2 Year Marketing 9565777770
24 Mr. Hariram Damor Asst. Manager ( Project ) 2 Year Field Operations 9589099614
25 Mr. Vivek Bapurao Awari Asst. Manager ( Field Project ) 2 Year Field Operations 8805014344
26 Mr. Hemant Kisanrao Dafade Asst. Manager ( CGF ) 1 Year Field Operations 9767931738
27 Mr. Yogi Abhishek Amarnath Asst. Manager ( Field Project ) 3 Year Field Operations 7020928897
28 Mr. Mangal Kumar Chaudhary Manager ( Technical ) 9 Year  Technical 7549921979
29 Mr. Deelip Solanki Asst. Manager ( Project ) 6 Year Field Operations 9575331784

Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Name Desingnation Date of Joing