Urban fruit pulp and peels collection and processing as livestock feed


Vegetable leaves, Fruit pulp and peels are not only urban waste but media for fast growing of bacteria and can be a cause of major disease spread. Obnoxious smell of perturbing green leaves and fruit and vegetables is a common sight in any town or city of India.

On the other hand livestock feed price had been on sharp rise and there is absolute lack of protein in livestock diet decreasing milk and egg production.


The Goat Trust worked on colleting, drying and processing of such pulp and peels. Part of peels and pulps are directly given to farm goats and ducks. Rest of it is dried and converted into powder form for uses as concentrate to livestock feed.

Team had been working on standardization of processing technique, conducting studies on field feed trial for poultry and small livestock. We are also working on idea to provide employment to local women in value chain enhancement and exploring potentials to sale it as livestock feed supplement to our target farmers and in open market.

Scale & Experiences

As of now The Goat Trust is just piloted the idea and standardizing the processing and storage protocol.

Opportunity for partnership

We are looking for partnership opportunity with CSR of animal feed company or any humanitarian assistance to upscale it and develop a SOP for further replication.