Mini Goat Farm and Private Public partnership


Goat farming in spite of excellent market has very limited adoption as Commercial farm principle. In recent times there is growing interest but limited context appropriate knowledge and experiences to be successful.

In our experiences, there are significant numbers of Individuals who are attracted by market size, growth, price rate and quality issues to goat farming but systematic knowledge and access to experiences of goat farming either constraint or quite in hurry with assumption that there is hardly anything important to learn. Most of such Individual are quite enthusiastic and gets lured by market size and many of them jump into business by accessing internet based research and some knowledge collected in pieces. Mostly they are academically qualified but balanced view of high and low side of business least explored. Results found in field exploration that hardly 10% get success and that too after bearing a significant loss.

There are certain genuine constraints and pace is slow due to following reasons –

  1. Access to context appropriate knowledge, technologies, tools and process monitoring systems are not available.
  2. Normally thought of as business of poor man and assumed that anybody with some labour availability can easily manage a goat farm (Typical thoughts - it is not a rocket science and villagers are managing it)
  3. Fail to identify what exact value addition a academically qualified person is bringing to goat farming and trying to copy rural goat farmers and calculations on excel sheet.

This led to us to think around a modular course to develop a balanced perspective in potential entrepreneurs and enable them to understand from production, processing, trade to value chain constraints and facilitating factor.

The Goat Trust based on its own experiences of helping over 25 commercial goat farmers with equal success and failure cases developed a course curriculum with focus on well mix of skill, attitude and knowledge development to equip potential goat farm entrepreneurs with balanced perspectives and aware those major problems that can lead to failure of such an enterprise.

What is Innovation in this domain

New emerging business opportunities within goat farming with focus on trade and marketing along with production has been key features and innovations of our training program. Some of innovative business whose technology, process, linkages and management developed by The Goat Trust spans in following areas -

  1. Religious sacricefice male buck fattening
  2. Kids nursery
  3. Breed goat development
  4. Grading, Trading and processing
  5. Working with community as Social enterprise through micro leasing concepts
  6. Integrated farming of goats with backyard duck/hen farming to manage cash flows
  7. Organic (Non chemical) goat farming and local branding of products

Social enterprise concept and Marketing focus

Training focuses on equal stress on trade and marketing of goat and goat products with production efficiency enhancement. We also focus on involving local community in goat farming and orient educated person to work on their competencies of working with grading, quality control, management enhancement factors, developing trade linkages, using social and local media and access available government and private facilities for effective goat farming.

A model has been developed to establish goat farm on public private mode and involve community in production part and our own experiences of micro leasing as tool to scale up goat farming and take lead role in trade and marketing used to be shared with potential clients.

The Goat Trust extends support post training through field level hand holding with potential entrepreneurs and facilitate them to link with our services from technology to tools & equipment supply to marketing. From training to a long term partnership is the key feature of this innovation and aims to build a win- win relation between potential entrepreneurs, local goat farmers and company wing of The Goat Trust ( to ensure long term and business based partnership to establish and enable commercial goat farming in country side.

The Goat Trust also trains rural youth to start mini commercial goat farm and support local goat farmers to have an alternative live body weight market system on business terms but working scale of economy and branding of products.